Bajada Trail

Lately I've been buried with school work and an internship, so I decided it'd be a great idea to take a much needed hike through the hills of the South Mountain Park Reserve:

All of the wild flowers are in full bloom since the past month was rain, rain, and more rain.

I love this picture below...so desert-y.

I found a ghost town along the way.

I imagined the killer from No Country For Old Men appearing in my rearview mirror and I started freaking myself out too much that I had to leave.


Once Upon a Time in Laveen, AZ

Today I drove through a largely Mexican-run town of Arizona and nearly ran over a Chiuaua... one of the more cliche moments I've had since last week when I saw some polygamists at IFA.


I Refuse.

I am highly intolerant of two things:

1. Saxophones
2. Bowling

I'm going to touch on the subject of bowling for a sec. Ugh....why is bowling such a beloved American activity? I cringe at the thought and here's why:

-Bowling shoes: gross, sweaty, no traction, never the right size, ugly.
-Confusing scoring system: what the what?
-The physical act of bowling: people watching you waddle/speed walk up to a line and violently hurl a heavy ball across the most slippery surface known to man. 80% of the people bowling are overweight...it's not a nice thing to see in action.
-Noise: Lots of stopping, clapping, and crashing all around you followed by words like "Snap!" and "Booyah!"
-Pride: The sense of accomplishment bowlers seem to feel for knocking over some pins.
-Dancing: Nope, gross. Stop dancing when you get a strike.
-Personalized equipment: Those people who have their own bags and bowling balls, they kill me.

...and the absolute #1 worst thing of all:

-The glove: You don't need a glove to bowl, no need. Super creepy. Those who wear bowling gloves are sure to commit murder in said glove.

Don't agree with me?
Just watch this little prize of a 1980s bowling tournament for a moment...or the whole thing. You may see what I see.

The only thing to make this worse would be a saxophone player in the background. Don't even get me started on those guys and how they close their eyes when playing the instrument.


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Out of the smoke rose an Irish legend.
A legend who danced his way into all our hearts;
Michael Flatley wishes everyone a magical St. Patrick's Day.


To Laura:

I love you dearly sister, Happy Birthday!


Dear Scottsdale AZ boys,

If I see one more of you dressed like this:

or this:
in these:

...and most especially, driving this:

I will start dating women.



Few people know of my feelings for E.T.

I'm drawn in and interested but at the same time extremely terrified-- like eating yogurt or watching Oprah.

This old commercial about E.T. toys surfaced so many emotions:
(the last 5 seconds are really upsetting).