Handshakes: firm, dry, solid. 3 seconds

Beep-boop I realize I'm posting this on a Saturday when I foolishly declared that I'd only write on Fridays... but that's not going to happen.

As I write this I am also sitting in the breakfast nook of my little home in Arizona, watching the sunset go down, with the windows open! I'm still not used to warm winters. I'm sorry if I'm rubbing it in a bit for the Utah folk who read this... in the cold. I'm just trying to put out some incentives for you to come down and see me. Come on down.

Anyway, here are a few of my favorite events from this past week that brought much anticipation for the weekend:

  • I taught a painting lesson and, obviously, did not want to get paint all over my nice pants--so I decided to wear an old pair. During class I overheard some boys saying "she's totally wearing mom jeans."
  • Yesterday, I'm in the middle of a lesson when out of nowhere a bat swooped in front of my face and then proceeded to fly around the room for 20 minutes. I remained pretty calm, I don't mind bats. Alfredo (the custodian) finally arrived and chased it into the office. This totally freaked me out because I keep all my things in the office. Out of instinct I shouted loudly "my food!!!" Apparently I'm more afraid of not being able to eat lunch than I am of a bat touching my face.
  • I went hiking and climbed up a rock just to jump off of it. I rolled my ankle when I landed, and I am so happy nobody was there to witness it.
Those are the highlights. Nothing too crazy, but I did laugh a lot this week.

Have a happy weekend.


To the Weekenders,

"Wake me up when the holidays are over."
-Anna Campbell

As funny and boldly true as that sentence is, Christmas break was much needed and greatly appreciated. My motto upon returning home for the holiday season went something like this:

Hey it's okay, be five again.


Go ahead, wear those stretch pants in public.


Food. Go nuts.

Alas, all good breaks must come to an end. Upon returning to Arizona I wrestled with the realization that student teaching this semester is inevitable if I want to graduate. So here I am, it's Friday, and I just completed my first week of student teaching. So far-- so good. Here's what I've learned thus far:

1. Junior High is a perfect place for someone like me who forgets to wear deodorant on a regular basis, because guess what-- so do all the children. Stench-city, USA
2. Teachers really do live at school. No, I'm serious.
3. Pre-teens will tell you if you are having a bad hair day.
4. I am the size of a pre-teen.
5. Teachers are generally confused and bewildered as much, if not more, than the students.
6. Stay out of the teacher's lounge. Gossip Girl times one billion.
7. I have a tendency to want to cradle my students on my lap when they are having a rough day... don't worry, I resist. Motherly inclinations.
8. Grades don't make sense in art.
9. I'm going deaf.
10. I have called students "Hun" more than I care to admit this week.

Here's to the weekend. May I (and us all) rest in peace.

Happy Friday!