Crazy Irish

A great scene from one of Ireland's finest films: Waking Ned Devine

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


I have a new love...

My iphone. How sad is it that I love something so nonhuman. I've held off as long as possible with technology, but my old phone just wasn't doing it for me anymore... and it was this terrible maroon/red colored phone that I could barely handle putting near my face. Don't get me started with the color maroon.

Now I carry so much power at my fingertips... so much so that it kind of scares me. I'm fascinated enough with the fact that I can have a phone and ipod in one, let alone the millions of apps available. Amazing.

Sorry to all of those who I ignore during my first week with my iphone... we have a lot of getting to know each other to do. Kidding-- I really don't want to be that kind of person-- eh, but I make no promises.


Happy Birthday Laura!

I've never known anyone so caring and loving as you. Thank you for being the best big sister I could ever ask for, and for always looking out for me. I love you.

p.s. sweet bangs.



Student teaching has been an up and down emotional roller coaster for me. I have learned that teachers hardly sleep, bring work home with them, and are greatly underpaid. However, there are so many rewarding aspects of teaching, and especially for art teachers. Perhaps my favorite part of teaching is just getting to know the kids and having conversations with them about life. Granted, you ask a junior high student about life and 9 times out of 10 you're going to hear about either Justin Bieber or Playstation. But still, great little conversations.

Last week one of my special ed. students came up and pulled me aside to tell me all about Mary Poppins. I learned what year it was made, that his grandparents went on a date to the movie, the release date of the special edition DVD... oh and it went on. I loved it though, he was so into Mary Poppins. So much so, that he drew this and gave it to me at the end of class:

It doesn't take much for me to get choked up over children's art work, and this one did it for me. So, so sweet.

P.S. I've started a new blog entitled the paleo project. It's a work in progress, but check it out and give me shout-outs of support throughout my paleo journey ;)