Happy Birthday Cort!

Have I ever told you how much I adore you? We all do. Thanks for being an A+ brother-in-law.
Happy Birthday!!!


This is one of the three things I like: Ina Garten, sweater weather and...

To me nothing is better in this world than laughing uncontrollably with another person. There is something so bonding about laughter, and I wish for it on a daily basis. I love when I come upon a random stranger who is laughing really, really hard, and I instantly start laughing equally as hard because, apparently, laughter is contagious.

I remember a few years back my family and I were at the airport, and as we were going up the escalator we passed this older couple coming down-- they were hysterical. Laughing so hard that the older gentleman was doubled over and his wife was trying to hold him up from falling. Tears streaming down their faces... how could you not laugh with them? And we did. My entire family was crying with laughter. The couple looked at us and reached out to grab our hands as they wiped away tears, understanding that we understood. I'll never know what they were laughing about, but it's one of my favorite memories.

This video below made me laugh pretty hard, it might do the same to you. This is the Swiss Finance Minister attempting to deliver a speech about spiced meat imports. The ridiculous bureaucratic word choices get to him only seconds into it. It's worth watching.


Katherine, Happy Birthday!

I really hope this is what our future holds... the two of us holding each other.

To all others,
This is a still frame from a film we shot back in high school. We had the time of our lives, obviously.


The Airport

I basically put myself in a coma from the second I arrive at the check-in desk, until I'm sitting safely at the gate, waiting to board. That whole process in between makes me want to give the person in front of me an atomic wedgie and then turn around and punch the air. I've learned to control my mob-like mentality when going through security and instead-- let it all wash over me in complete denial.

So here I am at the gate, quite early. Thank you Mom and Dad for instilling in me a desire to be a whole 2 hours early to the airport, even on a dead Wednesday.

I'm now mentally prepping myself for the chatty Kathy I'm almost always guaranteed to sit next to, and to my other side-- the mouth breather with a full on Arby's dinner and a magazine that most certainly went into the bathroom with the owner.


Happy Birthday Bry!

You're 30!

Like a fine wheel of cheese, you only getting better with age.
You're also a wonderful brother, and I love you-- Happy Birthday!



Daisy May Campbell
February 1991- September 2010

You will be greatly missed, my sweet Daisy.


You can't force the fate, you just have to let it wash over you like a spray tan that won't take because your skin is too oily.

It's Thursday. Today I took a little trip to the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art with my lovely cousin Katie and her darling children-- great exhibit and great company! It's wonderful having family nearby.

Phone call story of the year:

Earlier this week my roommate received a phone call, she answered it only to discover a stranger on the other end-- a man, sounded mid 20s and Black. She explains to him that he dialed the wrong number and they hang up. Only a moment later she receives a text from this guy and it says:

"I like the sound of your voice. Girl-- go on wit' ya bad self!"

I laughed myself to tears.

Also, these are some of the major headliners in the news this week:

  • Teen survives Justin Bieber-inspired death threats
  • Most of us think we're hotter than average, survey says
  • Breast-enlarging ring tone?
  • Dance your way into her heart. With science! Study identifies all the right moves: It's all in the right knee, neck, torso
  • Shares of Spam & gas masks soar
  • Are Heidi & Spencer bored with the USA?
Happy Thursday!


Oh Tom..

Very rarely do I ever find any genre of Mormon humor entertaining, but I think this one is pretty funny. Tom Cruise's intensity is captivating.


Happy Birthday Mom!

You really are my favorite gal to spend time with, and I sure do love you!!


Welcome, Nephew

My darling sister just had her sweet, little baby boy today! Welcome to the world, *little guy. Can't wait to see you and hug you!

*no name yet.

Pictures to come!

I feel it appropriate to celebrate with this song: