I spy a bum groove.

Having survived the wonderful week of Thanksgiving (it really was great), I feel that I should say a few words about being thankful. I'm not one to make a sappy post, really-- so to start this off I'm going to list a few small things that make me want to explode:

1. Walking behind someone, trying to get around them, but they keep swerving in front of you... almost as if on purpose.
2. Listening to a great song while driving and the person in the passenger seat changes it before it finishes playing.
3. Discovering a bum groove on my bed, where someone sat.
4. Trying to pull apart the opening of a plastic produce bag at the grocery store.
5. Wind.
6. Static.
7. Gulping noises.
8. Hair on the bathroom floor.

Now really, only #3 will truly make me lose it. I guess I'm trying to make a point here-- and that is that all these things are so ridiculous, yet sometimes I treat them like it's the end of the world. I have a billion things to be thankful for. Here's a small list of great things:

1. Family that supports and loves me no matter what.
2. Friends who are literally angels.
3. An education.
4. Creativity.
5. Nature, oh my beautiful Mother Nature.
6. America.
7. My beliefs (see first link to the right).
8. Opportunities.

Sappy? Probably-- but 'tis the season.

Happy Holidays!


Happy Birthday Kim!

This is just one of the many sacrifices you have made for a good time. I sure do love you.


Farewell, my friend.

July 15, 1998- November 15, 2010

'Tis pity not to have a dog, whatever be his breed,
For dogs possess a faithfulness which humans sadly need.
And whether skies be blue or gray, good luck or ill attend
Man's toil by day, a dog will stay his ever-constant friend.

-Edgar A. Guest


Save the neck for me, Clark.

As much as I would love to push the "fast forward" button for this week and land on Saturday evening where I'll be in the happiest place on earth... alas, I cannot. Fast forwarding life only works when there's a real emergency, such as unexpectedly finding yourself at a Carrot-top comedy show, or getting stuck in an elevator with Kathy Griffin. Both scenarios are basically the same nightmare.

Speaking of dreams.. I feel it's time to officially record the most hilarious dream I've ever had about myself. Hold on to your hats, it's a doozy:

The whole neighborhood, including my entire family, was at church setting up fall displays for a "fall festivities night." My family decided to set up a table dedicated to the cornucopia. We were decorating when suddenly the room went quiet... in walked one of my best friends with a doll dressed as the devil. She set the doll on a table and exclaimed to all that it represented what fall means to her. Everyone was looking around at each other feeling fairly uneasy. I knew that I had to say something. I grabbed a chair, stood on it, and said loudly:
"Family, friends, and neighbors... I feel that I must address the situation. Satan is among us."

Thousands (and I mean thousands, possibly more) start clapping, cheering, and shouting my name. A neighbor of mine reached for my hand and told me I was a "leader and very brave."

The best part is that I woke up and I was perched up in bed with my hand raised in the air.

I know exactly what I did-- I pulled any random thoughts out of nothing to create a dream to glorify myself. Any plot was acceptable. I laughed and laughed about this for such a long time.

Oh dreams.
Anyway, I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving next week. Utah-- I'm coming home.



October was a fun month, as it always is.

I had a visit from my good friend, Brittany. We mostly shopped and ate, but we couldn't deny ourselves something frightening... and although I've sworn off ghosts since the Tombstone incident, we decided to go on a ghost tour of the old Hotel San Carlos in downtown Phoenix. Bad idea. Nothing scary happened, it was just weird. A woman dressed as a pirate approached us and said that she has just seen a vision of a man, wearing a top hat AND a cape, looming over us from behind. I then turned to my right and saw an awkward teenage girl feeling the walls and closing her eyes. Her father explained to all that she senses the dead. We left early, but here's a fun picture of us in the hotel:

I then had the great pleasure of flying out to Texas to visit my older sister, her husband, and my new little nephew. I can't even begin to explain how perfect of a baby boy he is. The trip started off a little crazy, and my flight was delayed 6 hours-- which put me in Dallas around 1:30am. I was supposed to meet my dad and younger sister at the airport, but due to my obnoxious delay, I took a cab. However, I poorly chose my cab driver and he took me to hell and back before we reached the hotel. Things got 1000% better when I saw this lil' face the next morning:

To celebrate Halloween, my housemates and I threw a pumpkin party. This meant that everyone was expected to bring a pumpkin dish of some sort and a pumpkin for carving. I was asked to make Pumpkin Juice... and after repeatedly denying that it was even a thing, I found a recipe that turned out pretty great:

Here's a picture of my pumpkin. I accidently made him look like a pervert:

November, welcome.