Happy Birthday Gracie-Girl!

Photo by Amanda Campbell

To a sweet little girl with a smile that melts the heart.



Just about every day that I'm in class at least one of my instructors manages to spend a good deal of time wasting time. This video was shown yesterday during a discussion about making classroom content exciting and attention grabbing. Why this video was part of the curriculum-- I still don't know. There are so many things I could say about this...ugh, just watch:

*watch the first minute or two then skip to 13:30.

Notice his cummerbund and bow tie have numbers on them. Also, the random display of computers in the background so we know this is serious.



If you like environmentally aware art, surrealism and manipulated photography-- you may like Robert and Shana Parkeharrison.

I happen to love them.



In a previous post I briefly mentioned a new source of distress in my life: my roommate's cat.

I can't even begin to tell you how much I dislike this cat. This is coming from a girl who, on any given day, has been known to drop by an animal shelter or pet store just to visit with any ol' Rufus or Buddy. I love animals, I hate this cat.

I started out calling it "kitty" as a term of endearment. Rejected. I then moved onto "cat" as a way of showing respect. Denied. I now call it "dummy" or "idiot," even sometimes "horse face." No matter what I call this thing it remains aloof and devious.

The first few weeks of living with it I attempted to be friendly, but every time I crouch down and offer my hand in peace it bolts like a bat out of hell. The one time I got close enough to pet it-- it hissed and I didn't see it for 5 days; however, it did leave a little kitty present of poop in front of my bathroom.

The other night I heard it breathing against my door with it's ridiculous, congested nose. Sniffing and judging. Night after night it returns, waits, and listens. Why? What have I done? Aside from calling it a few choice words and snapping at it with my fingers I've graciously rearranged my life so that we don't cross paths. I only go downstairs to do my laundry if I know this thing has already eaten. I won't use the stairs unless I'm sure it's somewhere...not on the stairs. I even skirt around all it's millions of stupid cat toys so as to not upset the balance in this thing's life.

Ugh, Nerd!

I'm done.



Photo by Mike Tennant

This past weekend my lovely sisters made their way out of the cold and down to sunny AZ.

Some highlights: laying by the pool, shopping, Pita Jungle (sorry Ashley), visiting family, climbing Camelback, celebrating Anna's birthday (Happy 19th!), watching Modern Family, relishing in the sun, and just being with with Laura and Anna--they make life fun. I love you both!

So yeah, Arizona. I think I should speak some words on my new State of residence.

Here are the things I thus far appreciate about Arizona:

1. The Sun and It's healing qualities.
2. Pleasant smells (I'm pleased 98% of the time).
3. The sound of Coyotes at night.
4. All varieties of Cacti.
5. Clean air.
6. Aunt Stacey and Uncle Dave who are making this transition easier.
7. Scottsdale Fashion Center (sometimes I end up there without remembering leaving my apartment).
8. I've seen more than one Black person.
9. Enzo's Gelato Bar (flavor of choice: pistachio).
10. The University 1st Ward and the fact that everyone attempts to meet one another and doesn't pretend that church is high school. Finally!
11. Really neat sunsets.
12. ASU--for making me laugh at myself and others.
13. Well organize roads and nice big street signs.
14. And finally, the gentleman at McDonald's who gave me a free Diet Coke.

But please don't tell Utah, she's still my #1 and might get jealous.


Riding in cars with strangers

I have evening classes this semester and I don't usually get out until around 10:30 pm. I also park really far away from campus, out near some train tracks and an abandoned warehouse (it's a long story why I have to park there) anyway, not the best situation for a child-sized gal like me that speed walks faster than she runs.

So lately I've turned into a little social butterfly in an attempt to get rides from my schoolmates to my car parked way the heck out in Gotham City.

I sure do seem to ask the most interesting people in my classes. I've already gotten a lift from not one--but two practicing Wiccans, a classmate's teenage son and his girlfriend, an alcoholic, a girl who was on So You Think You Can Dance, someone with the last name Lubck (don't know how that's possible), and the list of bizarreness goes on.

The best part of this whole thing is how I end up asking for rides, convincing the driver that it was their idea.

Example: walking out of class I asked Gloria if she knew if the buses were running this late.

Gloria: "I don't know...why? Do you park very far?"
Me: "Oh, well kind of but hey, it's a great workout!"
Gloria: "But it's so late and dark."
Me: "Just reason to walk faster haha!"
Gloria: "Uh no, you're coming with me."
Me: "No, I couldn't. It's probably out of your way."
Gloria: "No I don't care, I'm driving you."
Me: "Well this is just so nice of you, thanks!"

Done and done.

Mom and Dad don't worry, I've got it all under control. Luckily I keep forgetting deodorant so if anyone came within 5 feet of me and I began to perspire...we'd all lose.

Oh and we watched this little treat in class:

You really only need to see the first 30 seconds to get what it's all about, but skip ahead to 6:10 and it comes full circle.