Oh, you.

Every Saturday I teach a couple classes for a children's art workshop at ASU. Working with all the adorable little kids has quickly become a favorite part of my week. A couple of weeks ago I was cleaning up from my last class of the day and one of my younger girls stayed after to help. This was our conversation, and none of it is exaggerated:

Me: So what are you going to do with the rest of your day?

Student: Ah Miss, I'm going to organize my toy box and then probably go to a movie with my mom. I bet you're happy I'm helping you clean.

Me: Yes, I'm very happy you're helping. I think we've done a pretty good job.

Student: That's because I'm good at cleaning and we're the same size, so it's like two of you cleaning. I'm tall for my age. (...And she is)

Me: (Laughing) You're right, it is like two of me cleaning.

Student: Miss, what you got going on the rest of the day?

Me: Well, I think...

Student: I bet you going to go home, kick off those old shoes, throw up your feet, have some chocolate milk and watch something nice on the television. Maybe take a nap too? Maybe you'll go on a date, but not if you have children. Do you have children, Miss? I think you might be 40. That's how old my mom is. You both have...

Me: Alright, just keep drying off those paint pallets.


Living the Dream

This past week I was at the gym and worked myself into a feverish sweat only 2 minutes into my treadmill walk. I jumped off to grab a towel from the "clean" bin and instead snatched one from the "dirty" bin... I immediately put it to my face and soaked myself in someone else's sweat before I realized what had happened.

Have a great upcoming week!



I'm one of those wacky individuals who, on the eve of my birthday, sets my alarm clock for 12am- midnight only to wake up and whisper "happy birthday" to myself. Actually no, I'm not that obsessed with being me. I just happened to have been born on the first day of October-- the greatest month of the year. So don't celebrate me, celebrate the month of the spooky, the changing of leaves, and for goodness sake-- the candy corn.

Now that I'm a year older, I feel that I've learned a few things:

1. There is no such thing as an endless supply of toilet paper under the sink, you actually have to go out and buy it.
2. You can pretty much get away with pretending to know anything as long as you talk with with scary, arched eyebrows and pound your fists on tables.
3. Even sticky notes on the mirror won't remind me to put on deodorant.
4. McDonald's employee, Jiminez, at the cross section of Chandler and Kyrene, will always give me a free diet coke. Sweet Jiminez.
5. Things like haircuts, waxes, and pedicures are no longer weekly rituals, but once a year luxuries.
6. Mom and Dad have been right all along.
7. Dating only continues to be more terrifying.
8. Where there's one gray hair atop thine head, thrice over t'will more spread.
9. If a British accent pops out unexpectedly while checking out at the grocery store, go with it-- and then walk it out. You're only human.
10. Scary movies are just as terrifying now as they ever were before. And yes, I'm talking about E.T.
11. Saturday Night Live gives better and more accurate news updates than actual news programs.
12. The 90s were as great as I thought they were.

...and finally:
13. Friends was never really that funny.