Thoughts for Friday

Is it just me or does paste just not taste as good as it used to?...
*If you don't know where that quote comes from then you haven't lived.

I'm writing this from my office at Barnes and Noble cafe. This time it is the B&N off of Fort Union. Unfortunately I've come after the lunch hour when, apparently, Cookie Monster eats a million cookies at every table, leaving a sea of crumbs on every chair and in every crevice. Oh Cookie Monster.

I had a dream last night that I cut my hair to chin length. I love short hair on girls, and if you are reading this right now and have chin length hair I probably love it on you... However, I have not been blessed with easy going, do what you want kind of hair. I have inherited my father's horse textured, massive, velcro mane. Anytime I put a mustache on myself (yes, this has happened more than you'd think) I unmistakably resemble Harry Potter's Hagrid. I've always had a soft spot for him because of this. Back to the chin length nightmare... It was horrendous. I think I'll keep it long for a good long while.

What's the worst thing about going for a walk/run on a trail that loops around you ask? That answer is easy-- seeing the same people pass by and feeling obligated to say "Hi" and then both giggling a little bit to cover up what you're really thinking: If I have to pass you, say "hi" and giggle one more time I'm going to ____________ (insert most dramatic, upsetting thing you can think of).

Last thought of the day: The best movies were made in the 70s and 80s. Don't argue with me. Everything else is just trying a bit too hard. If you need proof of this why don't you go see Cowboys and Aliens or Captain America. Not both, you might explode.

P.S. This is Jimmy McMillan, a real politician. The beard is real too. America!


Mallory said...

Oh, Captain America.

My hosiery is bunching! Cory Matthews.

Oh, that beard. WHAT.

Justin said...

I'm proud to know you.