October 2011

And what an October it was! Travel was my new best friend this past month.

First stop: Seattle
Not only did I get to spend a fun day out in the city with a large bunch of the Campbell clan, I was also fortunate to attend my cousin Jenny's wedding. It was a perfect, family filled weekend.

Second stop: New York City
SO much to see-- I don't even know where to begin. Phantom of the Opera, Opera at the Met, eating, more eating, Central Park, a protest, Ann Curry obsessing over Noah, and everything else. Thank you Laura and Cort (and Cort's family) for letting me tag along.

Third stop: Long Beach/Disneyland
A little tour of the Queen Mary and a solid visit to Disneyland with the gang was much needed--and just as great as you would imagine. My friends are hilarious and a lot of fun to travel with.


ConnieStance said...

What a fun October. I'm glad I got to follow along via blog. And I'll try to remember to keep all babies out of the corner. Good reminder.

Ashley and Ezra said...

Im jealous of all your travels! So much fun! Live it up!

Eric and Lindsay said...

remeber when I saw yo guys at Disneyland! That was AWESOME!!